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The Author

Khara Niné is the author of the book "Cries of the Soul", and the blog "Indigo Child Khara". She was adopted to a home in Norway from South Korea in 1970, ten months old.

Recently I’ve started looking back at my life, the struggle of growing up with a pair of abusive adoptive parents, hoping to figure out ways to get to grips with this baggage of insecurity and angst that I carry with me. I wish to share some of this personal journey with others who are, as they say, in the same boat.

I write about childhood memories as part of a healing process, to help myself recover from the wounds of a bad upbringing. This site is my outlet; a place to vent when emotions are crowding in and fighting to make themselves heard. I am a grown-up today, but many of those thoughts and feelings belong to my inner child. She wishes to speak up, and now is her time. Too many things in her young life went wrong, and I have not allowed her to come out; I’ve tried to hide her, and to forget, denied her existence, because the childhood experiences locked up within that Pandora’s Box she carries with her would be overwhelming and create a river of tears from memories of pain and fear.

Now, as a grown-up, I can finally let her out, give her a place in my heart, embrace her and comfort her, and let the world know about the injustice and unfairness that she was submitted to. It is a painful process, but it is slowly helping me and her both heal ourselves. I hope that many will see my blog, and maybe together we can raise awareness for children in dire need of help. It could be your neighbour’s child that needs assistance, or even rescue. You can’t help every single one, but for each one that you do help, it will make a world of difference.

The Website

The website is a work in progress, and is not managed by Khara Niné herself. Contents may change at any time without prior notice.
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